I am living in New York City and I am wondering how to go about superstardom. I'm not on the road to that at all. Superstardom is you reading my work and feeling a change or a shift or a loss of breath. Or something. It's been a year since I've written in here. My boyfriend is the only person who reads it, anyway!

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I am not a person with a single, solitary passion. I have many, and one of them is love. I find again and again that I am someone with a lot of love in me, and if I'm not able to give it out I go crazy.

I realized today that my life needs all my passions to some extent in order for it to be fulfilling. I'll make sure of that. Somehow.

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I'm no good at blogging.

I fit into my bridesmaid dress just fine. In fact, looking back at the pictures I was really, really thin. It's funny what I see in the mirror versus what's real.

As things get worse, I realize I need to make a gigantic leap out, or I'll inevitably get sucked so far into this "depression" I feel I'm experiencing that I'll lose myself entirely. I've never let that happen, with any hardships I've had to face. I keep telling myself I won't let it happen. So I won't.

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I am working on a daily (summer) web comic with my buddy Isaac. It's on blogspot. I am thinking of moving my 'blog' there, for consistency. I'm having a lot of fun with that project and it can be found here: http://boxersinbriefs.blogspot.com.

I'm stumbling into potential stability for this summer. I am finally hired and making money. Jayson will be home from LA tomorrow and that feels great. My father has a set schedule for chemotherapy and he is around more often now. What I have recently put into practice (I knew it before, but didn't live it) is maintaining a level head about things that have not yet happened, and may never happen. Less worry, more now.

I hope I fit into my dress okay for Lauren's wedding. Eep.

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I feel semi uncomfortable releasing tensions and sadnesses over a public website, which I guess makes sense considering I have kept them locked into a close circle. So--times are tough. Which gets me thinking about when times were tough, when they weren't tough...what's the difference? It sounds tacky but it makes a lot of sense. Highs and lows usually do a great job of balancing out, but nothing stays balanced forever. 10 lows in a row means 10 highs later, right? That's what I'm thinking............

I want to move out of this phase of my life and onto the next. Christine with apartment, albeit on-campus, with job, with kitty, with another inch closer to whatever it is I am striving for.

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